Night Prince 3 news, song rec requests, UFTG playlist

Hi, all, got some news for you: Night Prince #3, the still-untitled third novel in Vlad and Leila’s story, has an official release date! It’s coming out January 26th, 2015. Yes, nine and a half more months from now, but I hope you’ll think it’s worth the wait once it’s finally here. As soon as I have a title, back cover description and/or pre-order links, I’ll list those, too, so stay tuned.

Speaking of Night Prince 3, I’m doing my usual shout-out for song recommendations. As many of you know, I write each book to its own “playlist,” but right now, I’m writing NP3 while listening to TWICE TEMPTED’s playlist because I haven’t made a new one yet. Many of your previous recommendations have ended up in my playlists, so can you help me out again? I mostly like alternative and rock, with a little pop, rap and retro, too. To give you a more specific idea, here’s the playlist I listened to while writing UP FROM THE GRAVE (meant to post this closer to the book’s release, so my apologies for the delay.) Usual disclaimer: There’s no special meaning for the book in these songs and music tastes are subjective, so if you don’t like the music I like, no problem. Just please don’t tell me that I shouldn’t like it, because if it’s listed, I do, thus no arguing on your part will change my mind :).

Layout is Band name: songs (if more than one from the same band). Bands are in alphabetical order, not in order of preference or the order that I listened to them.

Apocalyptica: Not Strong Enough.

Band of Horses: Is There A Ghost, The Funeral.

David Crowder Band: Come Find Me, Sometimes.

David Guetta / Sia: She Wolf

Imagine Dragons: Radioactive, Tiptoe, It’s Time, Demons, Hear Me, Every Night, Bleeding Out.

The Killers: Miss Atomic Bomb

Lifehouse: Gotta Be Tonight, Between The Raindrops, Only You’re The One, Where I Come From, Always Somewhere Close, Had Enough, Smoke and Mirrors, By Your Side, All That I’m Asking For, Crash and Burn, Don’t Wake Me When It’s Over.

Matt Maher: Alive Again.

Mumford and Sons: Babel, I Will Wait.

The National: Fake Empire, Bloodbuzz Ohio, Demons, Sea of Love, Graceless.

One Republic: All We Are, Feel Again.

The Script / Hall of Fame.

Shinedown: Unity, I’m Not Alright, Miracle, For My Sake, Through the Ghost.

Skylar Grey: Coming Home, part 2.

Snow Patrol: In The End.

Within Temptation: The Howling, Frozen, All I Need, Stand My Ground, What Have You Done, Angels, Memories.


  1. Rachel Schneider says

    Have you listened to any Ed Sheeran? I loved his stuff so much I bought his whole CD. Kiss Me, Lego House and Give Me Love are favorites.

    I also like The Civil Wars, favorites are Dust to Dust, Barton Hollow and Poison & Wine.

    Be Still by The Fray is another good one.

    Can’t wait for Book #3, I’ve reread the first two frequently and am very excited for a new installment!

  2. Barbi Jones says

    I know this is gonna sound corny, but I think when you are writing a love scene for Vlad and Leila you should play Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon! Maybe it’s just me, but that song seems to fit them!! Love all your books and can’t wait for NP3!!!

  3. Michelle says

    Super Excited for Night Prince 3!!!! I love We As Human: Strike Back or Red:Same Disease…really great songs

  4. Monika says

    For Your playlist maybe something from Poland:
    Dawid Podsiadlo – “Comfort and Happiness”
    That’s a new CD, but I especially recommand “Trojkaty i kwadraty” (or english version “S&T”), “And I”, “No”, “!H.a.p.p.y!”
    You can find it on Spotify. It’s first album of young singer from Poland and it is truly amazing.

  5. Lisa says

    Halestorm- familiar taste of poison
    Avantasia- wicked symphony
    Manowar- Warriors of the world
    Apocalyptica – broken pieces
    Five Finger Death Punch- the bleeding

    Enjoy 😀

  6. Salome Francis says

    Skylar Grey: Back From the Dead
    Sia: Breathe Me, My Love
    Ellie Goulding: Explosions, Burn
    Chevelle: Safewaters
    One Republic: All Fall Down, Marching On, All This Time, If I Lose Myself

    Those are just a few. Hope you like them. I loved the choices for the Twice Tempted playlist. You’ve hot excellent taste. Looking forward to the third Night Prince novel :).

  7. Natalie Atkins says

    Black Roses sung by Clare Bowen from the cast of Nashville is a good song to listening to whilst writing if you take away the music as much as it is an excellent piece of music and just read the words, the words are awesome and hold so much depth its unreal and as a writer you can agree am sure a words can say a thousand different things depending on the situation and the interpretation.

    Cant wait for the new book even if i do have to wait nine and half months. gutted but we do have the new series of books starting which should be an interesting read. I will certainly miss all the night huntress characters has they have become a big part of my life and i love reading the books over and over. There are many scenes that will stick with me for a long time and am sure other readers have the same feeling and there own scenes as well as those that everyone unites together in enjoying.

  8. Lisa Adkins says

    I like The Pretty Reckless. Two songs come to mind “You make me want to Die” and “Going to Hell.” She is rock but I think you will like her. I can see Lelia going dark in these songs.

  9. Amanda says

    I can’t wait for this book! I love Vlad and Leila.

    Remember everything by Five finger death punch

    What if I was nothing by All that remains

    One for the money by Escape the fate

  10. Dannah says

    Some great bands: Tallhart, She’s a Keeper, Not A Planet, Chidodos, Four Years Strong, Bright Eyes, Florence & The Machine.
    Some great artists: Peter Gabriel, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Tori Amos, Kate Nash, Jenny Owen Youngs.

    I am so excited for the next Vlad book! Thought UFTG was the literal definition of perfection. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)

  11. Ann-Marie says

    There’s something about Venus Hum… No matter the subject/tone of the song, they bring me joy. Their first album came out in 2003, yet I keep going back to it (or maybe I never left it). The whole album is spectacular, as is their later stuff, but I’d say Soul Sloshing or Sonic Boom might be good songs to start with.

  12. dameolga says

    Halestorm is great.
    My personal favorites are: Here’s to Us, Bet You Wish You Had Me Back, In Your Room, Love/Hate Heartbreak, I Miss the Misery.

    Other recommendations:
    Kongos: Come With Me Now
    The Killers: Shot At the Night
    Needtobreathe: Keep Your Eyes Open
    Kodaline: High Hopes
    St. Lucia All Eyes on You

  13. Chris says

    try some Evanescence and Foo Fighters… Ed Shearen’s Lego House is good too…. :) Can Wait for the new book. :)

  14. Jean says

    Hi, can’t wait.

    Here are some songs I really like:

    Biffy Clyro /Opposite
    Editors /An End Has a Start, Escape The Nest, Like Treasure
    White LIes/ E.S.T,
    100 Monkeys /Ldf

  15. Maggie says

    I love love LOVE the Apocalyptica song! Excellent choice!

    Have you listened to “Monster You Made” by Pop Evil?

    Can’t wait for NP3!

  16. Jess says

    Try listening to Icon for Hire- Only a memory; i love them
    Oh and now i cannot wait until January!!! NP3!! woot!!

  17. michelle says

    My recs are Paradise by Within Temptation
    Hail to the King and This means War by Avenged Sevenfold

    Can’t wait for more Vlad

  18. wildchild1954 says

    You might try an a capella group called Pentatonix. They have some really outstanding music. You can find them at iTunes or YouTube to sample them.

  19. Nicole McCellon says

    Cannot wait for NP3 and I love the play list you posted. I have most of those songs on my own play list (and Within Temptation is one of my favorite bands).

    You may also wanna try: Evanescence, Dishwalla, Fireflight, Eric Clapton, Dishwalla, Kenny Loggins, Dido, Kerli, Nightwish, Skillet, Breaking Benjamin.

  20. AcheronLover says

    Gosh, i can’t wait for the next Night Prince novel! thats gonna be a long wait.

    My recommendations are:
    Samantha Jade: What you’ve done to me, Firestarter, Soldier.
    The Script (i saw you mentioned Hall of Fame, these are some others by them that i love): Six degrees of seperation, You won’t feel a thing, If you could see me now, Nothing, Dead Man Walking.
    Gabrielle Aplin: The power of Love
    Katy Perry: Dark Horse, Unconditionally
    Breaking Benjamin: Blow Me Away, I will not bow, Breath
    Jessica Mouboy: Never Be the Same.
    Rhianna and Enimen: Monster

    This is a pretty mixed group of suggestions. Hope they help.

  21. Jen says

    I cant wait. Love your books.
    I want to add to your music list.
    Lorde-Love Club or any song.
    Any song by Florence and the machine.
    The fight scene between Bones and Cat in his New Orleans home, always makes the song “kiss with a fist” play in my head.

  22. Jill says

    Have you heard of Ane Brun?
    we discovered her last year
    my favourite album is It All Starts with One,
    tracks – Undertow, One & Do You Remember


  23. celeste says

    Wow, 2015 seems like a long time! The other two were 9 months apart….. but, okay, I’ll try to not whine… too much.
    ALt-J has an amazing album – An Awesome Wave. Quiet, densely layered. Every few weeks I have a new favourite song, but Taro, Matilda, Tesselate and Blood Flood deserve special mention.
    The Lumineers is also great. To me it sounds like the ultimate ‘guy’ album – pure male joy.
    BAbe I’m Gonna Leave You – Led Zeppelin
    Awayland by Villagers – particularly Earthly Pleasures (which is a cool fantasy song) and Nothing Arrived.
    Don’t always like Drake’s lyrics – a bit too mysoginistic and self-aggrandising – but still find myself listening to Take Care incessantly. KEndrick Lamarr’s Good Kid Maad City is even better!
    I’ll end (yeah, I could go on and on, but the keyboard on this tablet sucks – ahem, luckily) with Milo Greene -1957.
    RIght, one more – The Noisettes – Atticus.

    Soooo, hopefully some of these songs will help to get your creative juices really flowing, and who knows, it might be only 8,7,6 months to d-date!

    • Jeaniene says

      I know, it’s much longer than the length between Once Burned and Twice Tempted. Sorry. If it’s any consolation, you get two more books to read in between that wait: Up From The Grave (came out this January) and The Beautiful Ashes (coming out this August.)

      Thanks for the song recs! I’ll check out the other bands, and I already have The Lumineers on my playlist for The Beautiful Ashes :).

  24. Victoria says

    Kind of a random mix here:
    Dr. Feel Good by Rania; Innocence by Halestorm; Show Me by Kid Ink; How Could This Happen To Me by Simple Plan; Everywhere I go and Gangsta Sexy by Hollywood Undead; and Royals by Lorde

  25. Anna says

    Looking forward to Vlad & Layla’s HEA. :)

    Song List
    Maybe some music from indie-alternative-psychedelic rock band
    The Flaming Lips…
    “Do You Realize??”
    “Fight Test”
    “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, pt. 1″

  26. shuly says

    Hi jeaniene,
    I always think that breakin benjamin suits vlad and leila.
    Breakin benjamin-breat, I will not bow, dance with the devil

  27. meg says

    There is this band from Cali that I love called Dommin. They never made it big but their music is awesome.
    Love is Gone, Dark Holiday, My Heart-Your hands, and Remember are some of my Top faves but the whole album is great! You should definitely try it!

  28. Flamingstar says

    What I want to know is WHY VALD and LEILA ONLY GETS 3 BOOKS??????
    I mean come on Cat and Bones get 7. I ardour them too don’t get me wrong.
    But I mean Vald has been out their for centuries fighting Bones is still the new kid on the block
    compared to Vald.

    Also Cat’s got a cool new power, so is Leila going to get the same now she’s turned into a vampire.
    and what about training, cat kicks ass with what she’s learned, but surely with the amount of enemies Vald’s got he’s not going to let his wife have only one form of defence. Yes he maybe old fashioned, and all that, but dam it he knows Leila won’t stay locked up safe and sound, she is just as much a fighter as his best friend Cat.

    I’d love to see it when all the wives get together and go clubbing , shopping and as usually get way over their heads in trouble. Can you guys picture it, Leila, Cat, Kyra and Denise on a girls night out while the boys are at home discussing business.


    • Jeaniene says

      If I have more story to tell with Vlad and Leila by the end of Night Prince 3, I’ll tell it in a fourth book. BUT, as of now, I don’t have more story, and I detailed at length in this post, that when I’m done with a storyline, the series is done.

      • Flamingstar says

        Sorry, I know all good things have to come to an end, but I still think The Night Prince’s stories weren’t ready to end yet. I hope you do end up writing a fourth book because I would be one of the first ones buying a copy Vlad and Leila ROCK.
        I bought the entire Night huntress series and audio series so I get to listen to it while I work.
        I always thought you should be able to enjoy a good book while you work.

        I love your work Jeaniene and look forward to the stories yet to come.


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  1. […] Book news:  Jeaniene Frost posted news about the third book in one of my favorite series featuring Vlad, the Night Prince Series!!  The book is still untitled, but there is a release date set for January 26, 2015!!!!!!  I can’t wait to read the third (and possibly final) book of Vlad and Leila.  Jeaniene also posted a playlist for the series, so check it out.  Series reading order ➜ #1 Once Burned: A Night Prince Novel (my review) | #2 Twice Tempted: A Night Prince Novel (my review) […]

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