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First, my apologies to anyone who tuned in (or tried to tune in) to the Goodreads Gotta Have Paranormal With a Kick chat last Friday. Goodreads was having some issues and the site kicked me off. It also kicked off two out of the four moderators and many, many other people. Because of this, the Gotta Have Paranormal With A Kick chat has been rescheduled to May 10th from 7pm – 9pm. If you asked questions on the “old” post, don’t worry. A list of previous questions will be sent to me so that I can have them answered in time for the new chat.

Speaking of chats, I have a video chat scheduled for tonight with the lovely folks at Fresh Fiction. It’s not streaming live, but it will be recorded and then uploaded later. Once I have the link, I’ll be sure to post it.

I’m also having another video chat on the Goodreads Featured Author Group. Questions are already being posted, so you can add yours here if you want to. I’ll pick ten or fifteen out of the questions asked and answer them on the video blog, so check it out once it’s up to see if I answered yours :).

And finally, people of Boston, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time.


  1. Maria Isabela says

    Hi Jeaniene :)
    How are you? First a would say that I love all your books…well, at least the ones that i read. Second, your name is really beautiful, i’m pretty sure you thank whoever gave you this name.
    Now, I would like to give you an advice. Why don’t you do your video chats on youtube? Because if you do them there, it would stay recorded and any fan would be able to wacth it after if we miss you live. Well, that’s it. Have a Good Night

    Brazil sends you love :)
    Ps: if you don’t understand my English you can blame the unicorns.

    • Jeaniene says

      Hi Maria, thank you for the compliments. My video chats WILL be available later on YouTube. All of my recorded chats are archived so that readers who miss them live can see them later. I’ll post the links once I have them.

  2. twiser says

    Not in that group Goodreads so won’t let me post.
    Since Tate was made before Bones’s power transfer will Tate potentially be able to get those powers? Or even Juan, because Bones hadn’t mastered or developed them yet?

  3. rose says

    dear jeaniene, its amazing how you write your books! Wow! Here in germany are so much people that loves your books! Einfach einzigartig wie sie selbst,jeaniene.,danke .ps.will timothy appair in up to the grave? In big kisses rose:*

  4. Kate says

    Your Books are brilliant! Not only am I addict to them but my husband is as well and it takes a lot for him to stay interested in books…. So that’s a MAJOR compliment. I was wondering if you ever thought about writing a spinoff for Ian and Tate? Mainly Ian! And do u have a date in mind for Up from the grave? I’ve read every single book and I can’t wait for more Bones and Cat, Vlad and Liela!!! I just LOVE your work!!!!

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