Great news!

I’m so excited to announce that Twice Tempted hit a bunch of bestseller lists in its first week out, such as:

# 8 on the USA Today list

# 8 on the New York Times Mass Market list

# 5 on the New York Times Combined Print and Ebook list

# 6 on the New York Times Ebook list

# 21 on the New York Times Combined Hardcover and Paperback list

# 9 on the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance list


It also appeared on the Audio Books bestseller list, but I couldn’t find a number for that. Still, big yay for that, too! (and big thanks to narrator Tavia Gilbert, of course).

I’m supposed to know how to use words, but they really fail in light of this :).



    • Sherry Chanin says

      Hi. I absolutely love Gretchen! What a mouth she’s got. She’s delightful. Any chance of a romance for her in the future? Awesome book. When is the next one out? How far ahead do you plan your ideas?

  1. Heather Elawawadh says

    Congrats, You deserve every one of those lists. The book was awesome, have a drink to your success. Your a wonderful author

  2. Melissa says

    WOW!! NICE!!! Of course all of us knew it was a great book the minute you announced the story!!!!! I love Vlad!

  3. Dy says

    Congratulations! Twice Tempted was a fantastic book! You deserve the accolades! I cannot wait for the next book!

  4. ~~Gin~~ says

    I preordered the ebook and bought the audio the day it came out. Read the book, audio is next up. Next I’ll get print. :-) I’m an Frost Addict.

  5. Melanie says

    Congrats!!! I loved the book. I can’t wait for Book 3 or for the next Cat & Bones book. Your series are great to read and then to listen to, as well.

  6. Ash says

    Congratz! Twice tempted was just brilliant, you are an amazing writer! Read it twice already and I’m still thinking about it. Just sad there’s only one more book left! I want to read about Vlad and Leila forever :'(

  7. Melissa says

    I texted my friends who have read your books. We all agree we will read anything you write…you have never let us down…:-)

  8. LeisaJane says

    Just finished Twice Tempted…read it in one sitting. Wicked awesome…I couldn’t put it down. I am amazed. It’s even better than the first book…and believe me, that’s saying something! You rock! Thank you!!!

  9. Aisha Al-Nizarr says

    That’s because it was super awesome!! Loved it!! You are really a great Author! Can’t wait till your next book! : )

  10. Amy says

    Love this series! I hope you write a story for Maximus or add him in somehow he deserves a happy ending

    • Laura says

      I agree, it would be great to see Maximus redeemed in Vlad’s eyes. Maximus, however is now with out a sire and it would take nothing short of him saving Vlad’s life for that to happen. There is always hope, if Jeaniene hasn’t started the story yet..maybe ?

  11. Rebecca says

    Not surprised at all! It’s an awesome read and I wish the Night Prince books were set to become more than a trilogy!

  12. Tanya says

    Congrats! You deserve it. I love all your books, especially Vlad, you have a way with pulling people into the world you created and making them love it more with each book. I bought this book as soon as iTunes had it available on the 25th and couldn’t put it down.


    Hey Jeaniene,

    CONGRATS on all the bestseller hits with Twice Tempted. Now even more people are going to learn what those of us who have read your books for years will know…your books and the best :).

  14. Laura says

    Congratulations Jeaniene, another success.

    Twice Tempted deserves all the praise it’s receiving. I would have read it in one day if not for work. It is a definite re-read. I found myself laughing at some of the things Leila said or did, while being irritated with Vlad, only to find myself enamored by him later in the read. I look forward to book three, already thoughts of the plot twirling around my mind. Thank you for the great read.

  15. says

    Wow, really very good news. CONGRATS !
    I prefer to read the books in german. Do you know, when “Twice Tempted” is available in Germany ?
    Best wishes

  16. julia says

    Wohoo, congrats!!
    I’m so happy for you and have to say that the success is well earned!!
    loved the book!

  17. Louise says

    Loved it! Please please write a night huntress world book about Ian! I love him and he’s the only one out of his friends not to be in love yet!

  18. Rita says

    Would like to know when the next book in the Night Prince series will be available – especially the audio version.

  19. Paula says

    I just finished the second book yesterday. I love this series! I can’t wait until the third book comes out! Happy writing!

  20. stella says

    I just read the Prince of Darkness series, I read both books over the weekend. I’m impatiently waiting for the third book. Excellently written series!!

    • Stella says

      I read online there will be a third book out next year for the Prince of Darkness series, ending the story of Vlad and Leila…..sorry if I misspelled their names.

  21. Tairyn says


    Now, I have a little bone to pick with you (please don’t send Vlad to burn me) A
    God, I feel like such a troll!

    Hi Mrs. Frost , this is my first time commenting, and I feel ashamed that I haven’t before. I LOVE your books, actually love is an understatement. I have read the whole Night Huntres series twice, and listened to the audiobooks … Jeez I lost count, they’re my go to books (I’m actually listening “Desrined to an Early Grave” at the moment)

    Anyhow, I feel a little cheated if you will. I know you must love Vlad a lot to have started a whole series dedicated to him, he is not my favorite vampire! but I have read Once Burned :)
    Why do I feel cheated? Because I feel you ve forgot about the Night Huntress World Series. I have been waiting for Ian’s book FOREVER! And Tate’s , I love them to pieces and want to see them get a “happily ever after” I dare say, I would rather get Ian’s book before the next Cat and Bones!
    Please tell me, will you be working on these characters in the future? I can’t stand it, I need to know! :)

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