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Sorry for the unexpected blog silence and the promised Arc contests that I haven’t posted yet. I have a good reason for both. Before I get to that, however, here are some new updates.

To celebrate the upcoming release of Twice Tempted, for a very limited time only, you can get Once Burned in ebook for only $1.99. Note: This discount is guaranteed for US readers only*. International retailers can choose to raise the price (and they often do, I’m sorry to say). If you’re interested, here are some handy ordering links: Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Sony

Another event has been added to my March appearances, and I think you’ll agree that this sounds amazing:

March 24th, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Supernatural Sunday Spectacular with Kim Harrison, Vicki Pettersson, Pamela Palmer, and Jeaniene Frost. Hosted by Fountain Book Store. Panel moderated by Kelly Justice, owner of Fountain Book Store.

Location: Sam Miller’s restaurant

1212 East Cary Street

Richmond, Va 23219


If you’re not in the area but you want an autographed copy of the latest releases from any of the authors above, you can get one through Fountain Books. Details are on this page. Note: Twice Tempted WILL be the book that I’m autographing at this event, but their website still shows Once Burned. This will be corrected asap, so if you want Twice Tempted, please wait until the page updates to request your signed copy.

Also, to dispel rumors I’ve seen online, let me stress that the audio version of Twice Tempted will release the same date as the paperback and ebook, which is March 26th. There are, however, no pre-order links available (don’t ask me why; I don’t understand). Still, again, there will be no delay in the audio version releasing. Thanks to Tavia Gilbert for another wonderful narration.

In a previous post, I said that the first two chapters of Twice Tempted would be available in the free ebook It Happened One Valentine’s Day. This turned out to be incorrect. Only the first chapter is available, and apparently the write-up originally posted regarding my inspiration for the story was wrong, too. The latter is supposed to be fixed. The former is what it is, but again, the first 20% will be posted online about two weeks before release. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Finally, here’s why I’ve been offline and you didn’t get the promised contests. Last Tuesday, my family called to tell me that my mother had two cardiac arrests. Thank God she was already in the hospital at the time for a kidney infection, so they were able to get her stabilized. She did need emergency surgery to install a pacemaker, though, and because of her other health issues, the surgery was risky. So we drove down to Florida to be with her and the rest of my family. On Valentine’s Day, her pacemaker was installed and she came through it all okay (best Valentine’s present I’ve ever received). We stayed on a few more days to help set some stuff up and then drove back on Sunday and Monday. As you can imagine, I now have a lot of business catching up to do, so as soon as I can, I’ll get the Arc contests going.

Thanks to everyone for your patience on this and any of the other issues.


* Kobo ebook is incorrectly showing Once Burned at a higher price. I have let my publisher know so that they can fix this.



  1. Rhonda Mackay says

    Glad to hear your Mom will be ok! I really enjoy your books and am excitedly waiting for Twice Tempted. I am even thinking of taking the day off work so that I can sit down and re-read the 1st book then the 2nd all in one day! Please keep those fabulous stories coming.

  2. Loretta says

    So glad everything went well with your mother. She is the most important issue. Book releases can wait a few days. So glad she is doing well. 😉

  3. says

    First and foremost, glad to hear your Mom is doing better. It is a scary thing to see a loved one struggle. Secondly. it is with great anticipation I look forward to both the written AND audio of Twice Tempted. Tavia does indeed do a great job. Best wishes for the continued recovery for your Mom and your wonderfully creative mind.

  4. Isis Nocturne says


    Your family ALWAYS comes before your fans! They’re your FAMILY! That’s good, and I’m so glad your mom got through everything all right. You have no need to justify anything. I am sure that 99% of fans are happy to wait a little longer for a free contest so that you can take care of your mom. :)

  5. Sue Leonard says

    Don’t stress it will all come together, your family is where you needed to be. We will all still be here wishing you and your family well.

  6. RVASarah says

    Yay for Richmond goodness! I will TOTALLY make the trip since I won’t get to see you at the Festival of Books in C-ville. :-)

    I wish for your mother a speedy recovery. <3

  7. Karen Rodd says

    VERY glad your Mom is doing better and everything is on the mend. Family is always priority, your fans understand.

    Extremely excited about the Richmond, VA event add to your March appearances!! I live in Richmond and we were going to the Charlottesville appearance, but now we can have TT signed by you here!! Fabulous! Thank you, Jeaniene, for trying so hard to reach all of your fan base!

  8. Rose Marie says

    Bless your heart! So glad your mom is better!! Wish I lived closer! Sounds like this event is going to be lots of fun. I hope your mom continues to get better!!

  9. Michelle says

    Glad your mom is doing better! Family always comes first! Excited about Richmond, I live in Mechanicsville. See you there!

  10. Emily says

    I’m so sorry about your Mum. I hope she continues to be better. There’s no need to justify yourself for being there for her. We’re just lucky to be fans of a generous author who gives away arcs of her books.

  11. Jennifer says

    Audible does have a preorder available for Twice Tempted. You have to go through the upcoming books and it is there. It takes a while but if you select the sort by to romance it is faster. I just can not wait. Thanks , we all Love you.

  12. LaTrisha says

    I’m glad to hear your mother is better. God is good! I don’t often write fan mail, but I have to tell you how very much I love your writing. I discovered you through my local library as an audiobook. Of course I HAD to hear more. Then I HAD to read more. And then I HAD to buy every book in the series. And I’ re-reading them all, for the third time. So, thank you for countless hours of entertainment. It’s my pleasure to give you my money, and I bet you don’t get the hear that often!

  13. Stephanie P says

    So glad your mom made it though her surgeries. That was a great Valentines. Thank you for coming to Richmond. I drove to MD last year to see you and it was great. but its good to not have to go so far to see your favorite author. Thank you for putting Richmond on your map, again. First time was in “HTTG”.

  14. Deb B says

    First off, I really hope your mother is doing better! I went through something similar last year except it was a stroke and my mother was in a coma for a week. They weren’t sure she would ever come out but thank God she did! So I definitely empathize, best wishes to your family. Second, I’d love an update on my Cat & Bones. I live for those books! You’ve become my favorite author and I wait on pins and needles for all your books, but Night Huntress is still my favorite, I’ve reread the series more times than I can count, sand it’s always my fallback series when I get tired of trying to find good reads. It never gets old! Ever since being recommended to you I’ve tried since finishing One Grave At A Time to find something comparable. In those two years I have managed to amass nearly 600 books and I still haven’t found one I like better.(though I must admit Karen Chance is a close number 2!) Can’t wait for the fall release and in the meantime I’ll definitely be taking up a day or two of wait with Vlad’s exploits. Thanks so much for bringing such fun into my reading world.

  15. Jennifer says

    Hi, first off glad your mom is going to be okay. Second, I am so looking forward to the new book coming out. I am a huge fan and since finding your books I just can’t find any others I like quite as much. I wish you would tour closer to me one day so I could meet you and get a book autographed in person. But I like that you autograph some and the store sells them online so thank you for that. On that note, I am trying to purchase Twice Tempted from the link to the store online you posted but they still have the autographed one being Once Burned. Any idea when that will be updated? Thanks!

  16. says

    So glad to hear your mother made it through! Stay strong dear, I’ll keep your family in my prayers. My Ma’s heart was damaged during chemotherapy for breast cancer. She has congestive heart failure from that and I flew from Michigan to Arizona in order to be with her when she had her defibrillator/pacemaker installed. I understand completely what a toll that stress and worry can do. But good news, the pacemaker regulates her heart about 95% of the time and has improved her life greatly. She just had a work up at the Mayo Clinic to see if she needs a heart transplant and so far she’s doing ok. Just stay positive, a great attitude and the power of prayer can bring you through even the darkest of eves. xoxo.

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