How about a giveaway?

Since my last post, I’ve been compiling new songs into a playlist for Cat and Bones #7, title Up From the Grave, releasing winter 2013. Thanks so much to everyone who made suggestions! It’s easier for me to write when I have music drowning out other distracting noises, plus I’ve trained myself to have a Pavlovian response to book playlists: If every time I write, I hear the same set of songs, then hearing those songs gets me into a writing mode faster.

But enough about that. The subject line promised you a giveaway, so let’s get to it! I have 10 mass market paperbacks of The Bite Before Christmas anthology up for grabs. In addition to my story featuring Cat and Bones (Home for the Holidays, excerpt available here), you also get a story set in Lynsay Sands’ Argeneau vampire world called The Gift.

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But wait, there’s more :).

At the end of the paperback edition of The Bite Before Christmas, you get a sneak peek at a chapter from Twice Tempted, Vlad and Leila’s next book, out March 26th. This is a pre-revisions chapter so there are slight changes in the final version (mainly more feelings from Leila about what happens) but what does happen stays the same *cue Evil Author I-know-something-you-don’t-know chortle*.

Interested? Here are the rules to enter:


1. Send an email toĀ jeanieneprizes AT gmail DOT com (obviously use the @ and “.” in your actual email instead of spelling it out like I did to avoid spammers).

2. Make sure to include your name and the email address you want to be contacted at if you win, if it’s not the email you’re sending your entry from.


That’s it. Contest is open to readers worldwide and it starts now and ends on 11:59pm January 16th. Winners will be announced on my blog the next day and contacted via email. Good luck!



  1. K says

    I was wondering if and when you might post a sneak peek of Twice Tempted? Or if Once burned’s sneak peeks were just a one off treat.

    • Jeaniene says

      K, I will post some teaser snippets from Twice Tempted soon. It’s taking me longer because I’m trying to find ones that won’t spoiler plot events and a LOT of the book seems to be tied to things that would spoiler, but never fear. I’ll find something :).

  2. Solveig Chacon says

    I wonder when the new cover of twice tempted will be display in this website.. It is time already!! to put us in the Twice Tempted mood!!

  3. KimberleyC says

    Thanks for the giveaway….fingers and toes crossed.. Love your books cant wait for the next one and the next……

  4. Manuela says

    Loved this book, had it from my local library. Wouldn’t mind to keep it for my bookshelf (and to re-read it many, many times šŸ˜‰ )

  5. Susan H. says

    Never thought I’d be excited for winter (NEXT winter!) to arrive- so we can have Cat & Bone’s next book. Bones is the perfect man- and your others aren’t bad, either! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Teri says

    Thanks for the giveaway contest! LOL I am in the same boat as everyone else waiting with baited breath for the next installment of Cat & Bones!!! Can I tell you when I am at work and someone is really getting to me, I can actually her Bones saying”Playing with fire are we kitten” and instead of saying something I will regret I end up smiling. I will tell you it freaks the other person out when I get a evil smile on my face, that I would like to think is a bit like Bones. You do great work!!!! LOVE THE BOOKS

  7. Kat says

    Okay, so I bought this paperback novel in like… Thanksgiving or during summer vacation. Was so excited, right? Well, I just checked this blog yesterday and THAT’S when I found out that in the back of the book, THERE’S A CHAPTER FROM “TWICE TEMPTED”!?!?!?!?! It’s my own fault for not actually cracking the book open because I didn’t want to mess it up (I’ve had the eBook for a while so I’ve already read “Home for the Holidays” and I just got ALL of the Night Huntress-and anything related to that series-paperback novels in mint condition for Christmas, BUT OH MY GOD!!!!! I COULDN’T EVEN READ THE EXCERPT from “Twice Tempted”-even though I’m in LOVE WITH VLAD and “Once Burned” because their relationship makes me sad. :(((( Mrs. Frost, you almost made me cry and I didn’t even read it! But I guess that’s a good thing… Huge fan. Sorry about the babbling. MUCH LOVE! <3

  8. ghita says

    Hi Jeaniene,

    when you say winter 2013 ? do you mean before march ? because it is winter 2013 (december 2012 to march 2013 is considered as winter 2013) maybe you mean winter 2014 ? which will be at the end of this year ?

    • Emily says

      I’d like to know this too! I got really excited and reread all the books in November, but now it seems as if you mean Winter 2014. Please clarify for us?

    • Jeaniene says

      In publishing, “winter 2013” means the winter season at the END of 2013. Sorry for any confusion. I’ve blogged here and in other places that I haven’t even finished writing the book yet, so it won’t be out for several more months.

    • Jeaniene says

      Just found out that the first two chapters of Twice Tempted will appear in a FREE ebook titled It Happened One Valentine’s Day.

  9. Liz says

    Just listened to the Audiobook for “The Bite Before Christmas” and loved it, like the rest of your books! Was wondering if Twice Tempted was going to be in audiobook form as well, and entered contest!

  10. Barbara says

    I own it already, so no need to enter. Just want to tell fans that in my opinion fans must read this novella. It is as fast paced, interesting and fun as the full books plus Ian is developed in depth. You will never see him the same after this. Wonderful story that is stand alone but moves the gang forward. Try it! ( this time ipad “corrected” the word fans to the word Iroquois.crazy)


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