Contest winners!

Sorry this post is a day late. Since you’ve already waited longer than you should have, let’s get right to it! These names were randomly chosen to win a copy of the mass market paperback edition of The Bite Before Christmas anthology:

Wendy Sachs, Megan Price, Amanda Faul, Nicole Glugla, Cristina Pena, Rebecca Johnson, Meghan Stalebrink, Holly ODell, Vanessa Ortega and Anna Castanon.


Congrats to all of you! An email will be sent to you shortly asking for your full mailing address.

To everyone else who entered, sorry that you didn’t win but soon I will have a giveaway for Arcs of Twice Tempted, so maybe your luck is holding out for that :).



  1. Lisa says

    Congrats to the winners!
    Here’s hoping my luck will be here with me for the Twice Tempted contest!
    Your Night Huntress Series was the first books I’ve read as an adult and was what got me interested in reading. So I say thank you for that! You are a phenomenal story teller & I love ALL of your books.

  2. Isis Nocturne says

    I’m surprised that I won (unless someone else has my real name rather than my pseudonym)… Very cool! Thanks, and congrats to all the other winners!

  3. catherine says

    Forgot to say congratulations to the winners! On a note about your previous blog–are you going to give us a playlist for Twice Tempted? I have actually really expanded my musical repetoire by viewing authors musical inspiration.

  4. Tessa Onabigon says

    AWWWWWWW Darn it!

    Well, I guess “The Bite Before Christmas” will have to be next on my “To-Buy” list :(

    Congrats to all the winners. Cherish your books! =]

  5. Tessa Onabigon says

    PS; I wish I could enter your other contest for “Twice Tempted”, but I seriously SUCK at doing reviews. I am by no means unintelligent, it’s just that I can’t put together a smooth, witty review unlike a lot of other talented reviewers.

    Anyway, thanks for the chances Jeaniene! We fans <3 you! (AND Bones, Cat + the Gang!)

  6. Gabi says

    I’ve already pre ordered Twice Tempted and I’m going to be a good girl and wait for it. I can wait but whenever i get a new book i can’t hold back I’ll end it up reading in one day!

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