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The fabulous Tavia Gilbert will be narrating the audio version of Twice Tempted (releasing the same day as the paperback/ebook), and when she saw that I had posted a snippet on my Facebook page, she kindly offered to narrate that clip as well. So if you haven’t read the snippet already, or you read it but you’d like to hear it as well, please click the link below.

Twice Tempted sample (2)

Thanks again, Tavia!


  1. Mel W says

    I think Tavia is truly amazing. I have a crazy hectic life with two jobs and three Children. Discovering Tavia narrating your books gave me a way to enjoy the wonderful addictive stories and get on with daily chores. I absolutely love the series :) thank you so much and how lucky to have such a talent narrate them.
    Thank you for bring a little excitement in to my days .
    Mel in Melbourne Australia

  2. Cynthia says

    Thanks for a wonderful new series. I’m looking forward to the new book and hope there are more in the series. Tavia is a truly wonderful talent in narrating the books. You give them life, girl!

  3. LIz says

    I absolutely love Tavia Gilbert. It’s amazing the wide range of vocals she can do and truly gives the characters a voice as unique as their personalities are, and as enjoyable.

  4. says

    Good Evening,

    I am so anxious to read Twice Tempted, but I want to know if this book
    will be released in a Hardcover? Does anyone know ? Please e-mail me.

    Thank You,

  5. Missy TooReal says

    Im such a big fan of your books. I’m doing my re-reading of the night huntress series and once burned just to hold me over till the big release. You ate so talented and I consider u in the top ten of my favorite authors.

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