A new look, some cool news, and another appearance

Hi, everyone. As you may have noticed, the background image on my website has changed thanks to the design talents of the lovely Syd Gill. And speaking of new images, downloadable wallpaper for Twice Tempted is now available, also courtesy of Syd (noticing a trend? I can’t design anything myself because i r tech dumb ;)). Go here and scroll down to the bottom of the page if you want your very own Fiery Vlad to adorn your screen.

While I was browsing the internet the other day, I saw that Once Burned had just released in Germany under the title Dunkle Flammen der Leidenschaft. I never know when foreign titles come out, so that was a pleasant surprise. A really pleasant surprise was seeing that it was in its second week on the Der Spiegel bestseller list. Danke schoen, readers!

Switching subjects, if you don’t already follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then you might not have seen that I posted a snippet from Twice Tempted onto my Facebook page. Interested in reading it? Then go here. Note: You’ll have to “like” the page first to see the snippet. Also, I hear from readers that it may not show up on your phone. However, if you’re not a member of Facebook, you still should be able to read it as long as you’re on a laptop/desktop/tablet. You will have to scroll past the giant photo of Vlad to get to the text underneath, though, so if all you see are his pecs, you haven’t scrolled down far enough :).

Finally, I’m pleased to say that my publisher added another stop to my events in March to celebrate Twice Tempted’s release. Now I’ll also be at the Barnes and Noble in Cary, NC. To see the full list of my appearances, go here.

That’s it for now. Hope you’re having a good January!



  1. CatScott says

    That snippet is AH-MAZING!!! Is it March, yet?! BTW… this releases two days before my birthday! Vlad is the best birthday gift a girl could ask for!!! 😉

  2. says

    While I think this new version is okay, I still like the old versions of the website. With the novel displays and all that other cool stuff.
    But, hopefully, we will get to see more new stuff to the website soon.
    wallpaper you say? download and fangirlism activate!

    • Jeaniene says

      I know Malaprops does. You can order a copy in advance and if you specify that you want it signed, when I go to the store on the 26th, they’ll have preordered stock waiting for me to sign.

  3. Kat says

    Shoot! I’m not on Facebook, so I can’t like your page (although, I certainly do- who wouldn’t LIKE that picture of Vlad!?). I’m sad I can’t read the excerpt. {{{SIGH}}}

  4. Kristy says

    I know I’m not quite the last person to avoid facebook, but probably close. . . is there anyway you can share the snippet for those of us who choose not to join facebook?

  5. Karen says

    Hi Jeaniene! I think the answer is no, but wanted to check and see if you will be signing TT books at the Charlottesville, VA appearance?


  6. Lee says

    So excited for Twice Tempted. Love your books. I don’t have Facebook so I can’t read the snippet. Will you maybe post it someday on your blog for old souls like me? Luv you lots!

  7. Diane says

    Hi Jeaniene,

    Love the new look. Wanted to ask you something. Has nothing to do with your books and would have emailed you, but this is the only contact I know. Sorry for filling your comment section with unrelated topic. We got a new puppy a week ago. Red with white markings. Our first boy. Keiko is almost 12 and doing well for the most part. We keep a good watch when the two are anywhere near each other. I don’t know how old Gypsy is and if she has been fixed or if you intent to breed her with Loki when he gets old enough. Keiko is fixed and way to old even if she weren’t. Nanano, our two month old shiba thinks it would be a great idea. Lol So my question is… Has Gypsy tried to hurt Loki when he tries to get too friendly in that way? I worry that Keiko might hurt Nagano. You know that shibas are much stronger than they look as you own two. I’d appreciate and ideas and insight you can give me.

    Thanks so much


    • Jeaniene says

      Hi Diane,

      My experience with Shibas is limited to the two I have. Gypsy is eight years older than Loki and we spayed her many years ago. Loki we neutered as soon as he was old enough, so no chance of breeding either of them. It took months before Gypsy did more than barely tolerate Loki, but I don’t know if this is normal Shiba behavior or if Gypsy was just miffed that her Only Child status had changed (we spoiled her terribly, I’m afraid :)).

      As far as your dogs and breeding, I’d do some online research into it beforehand, plus talk to your vet to see whether there are health issues since your other Shiba is 12. Sorry I don’t have more information, but best of luck to you!

      • Diane says

        Thanks Jeaniene,

        No plans on breeding. Keiko was fixed a long time ago. I was more worried that Keiko might hurt Nagano. Gypsy is reacting good if she is ignoring Loki. Keiko is spoiled rotten as well and has tried to nip Nagano. We intend to get him fixed ASAP but he is only 9 weeks old and it’s too soon. Did Loki stop trying to hump (forgive me no better way to put it) Gypsy as soon as he was fixed? No worries on your limited dealings. It’s the same with us. The bread won my heart years ago and still took me about 3 years to take the plunge and buy Keiko 12 years ago.

  8. Shelly says

    Thanks Jeaniene! Love the snippet and it makes me want more. The website looks great. THANKS SYD!!! Can’t wait for you to come to Virginia….see you then.


  9. says

    Hi Jeaniene..any chance you’ll be visiting Houston in the future? You have a big fan base out here..would love to have you at our store for a visit. I work at Katy Budget Books. Look at our website if you’d like. katybooks.com

  10. Rebecca says

    I have just started the series much to a friend telling me to pick it up well now inam hooked I am now reading book 3 of the nighthuntress series god I love cat and bones loved chapter 32 in book 2 wow. I love the new look page I did see the old one but I love the new look can’t wait for book 7. Love your work :) :)

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