Exciting news!

I’ve been sitting on this for a little while, but with the announcement out in Publishers Weekly and PubLunch, I can finally let it spill. Here is the news, copied from the Publishers Marketplace Deals page:

“Jeaniene Frost’s REALMWALKER, in which a young woman discovers she’s the last member of an ancient line with an unwanted destiny; and that her only ally, a mysterious young man is destined to betray her… and doom the world, to Tara Parsons at Harlequin, with Margo Lipschultz editing, in a major deal, in a three-book deal, by Nancy Yost at Nancy Yost Literary Agency.”


Please excuse me while I let out a loud Squee!!!!!!! Aren’t you glad I wrote this in a post instead of doing a video blog? ;-).

Now, some backstory. In 2007, I was ahead of my deadlines so I started writing a story I considered an older YA because neither the hero nor the heroine were in high school, yet they weren’t full adults, either. The idea came to me after a very vivid dream that gave me pieces of characters/a world I wanted to know more about (as regular blog readers know, that’s how the Night Huntress series was born). After I’d written about 15K words, I had to put it aside to work on more Cat and Bones books, but I never forgot about it. About a year later, I had my agent shop the partial manuscript to see if we had any takers. Here is a paraphrase of the rejections we received: “It’s great, but it reads older than most YA’s, plus the world is darker and more complex than what’s currently popular. If Jeaniene wants to rewrite it to make the characters still in high school and lighten the worldbuilding, we’d love to take another look at it.”

In other words, redo everything or shelve it. I shelved it because if I’m not emotionally attached to a story, then I’m not going to spend the time and effort to turn it into a book. Yet even knowing that it may never be published, I kept thinking about it.

Fast forward over four years. I wrote several more Night Huntress books, the two Night Huntress World spinoffs, the new Night Prince series, and a handful of short stories and novellas, yet I still kept thinking about Realmwalker. In fact, in my mind I expanded the world, added new subplots, and layered the characters to give them more depth. Something else happened, too. The Hunger Games hit it big, as did other YA’s that skewed older and featured protagonists outside of a high school setting, and some self-published authors gained popularity writing in a subgenre people started calling New Adult. A few weeks ago, my agent received a call from Harlequin (HQN) asking if I had any ideas for an upper YA/New Adult series because they were interested in expanding their line in that direction.

*grin* Why yes, I did.

A few days later, I spent over an hour on the phone with Tara and Margo telling them everything about Realmwalker’s plot, the world, and most importantly, the characters since characters are always the driving force behind a story for me. Since I’d had this simmering in my mind for almost five years, all of the details probably came out as a gushing, semi-coherent babble, but to my delight, they said they loved the idea. After my agent worked out the details on deadlines and other business-related issues, I formally accepted HQN’s offer. Now I finally get to write the story that I first dreamed up back in 2007. To say that I’m thrilled is an understatement.

I’m going to assume some of you have questions, so let me attempt to answer them.

Does this mean I’ll have to wait longer for the next Cat and Bones/Vlad and Leila book?

No. My deadlines with Avon remain the same, so all it means is that I’ll have less time to relax on my couch :).

Why are you starting a new series when you haven’t even finished the other two yet?

By the time the first Realmwalker (title subject to change, of course) novel comes out, the second-to-last Cat and Bones book will already be on the shelves and their last novel will be written and turned in. Likewise, the last Vlad and Leila book will probably be out or soon-to-be released. So although I agreed to this new contract now, HQN is well aware of my current commitments and they have scheduled my deadlines accordingly.

But I don’t want to read a story set in a new world. I want more Cat and Bones/Vlad and Leila/another vampire character’s book next!

I take this as a compliment, but each book has brought Cat and Bones closer to their well-earned conclusion and their series will end as planned. Vlad and Leila’s story will be finished at book three, and as far as another vampire character, I write the stories that are the “loudest” in my head, so we’ll see which vampire comes out on top *wink*. Because I’ve had Realmwalker in my head for a long, long time, I’m so excited by the chance to finally share it with others and to delve into it deeper myself. This doesn’t mean that I’m finished writing vampire novels, but in the meantime, I’ll be exploring this new world and I hope readers will take the journey with me.

So if there are no vampires in Realmalker, is it still a paranormal?

Other supernatural beings exist alongside humans in Realmwalker, so it’s still a paranormal. Much like with my vampire novels, however, most humans don’t know about the other species until things start to go haywire.

Okay, so what are these other supernatural beings?

I’m not saying yet :).

Is it going to be a romance?

There will be a romance, but there won’t be a HEA (happily ever after) in the first book. As with Cat and Bones and Vlad and Leila, my characters will have a lot of obstacles to overcome first.

When will the first Realmwalker novel come out?

We don’t have a firm date yet, but we’re planning for fall 2014.

How often will you publish them?

This is also still in the planning stages, but we’re hoping for at least one book a year.


I hope that answers some general questions. I’m out of town for my 20th anniversary (Happy Anniversary, honey!), so if you have more questions, please ask them here and I’ll get to them when I come back. Of course I can’t answer spoiler questions or questions that I’ve already said I’m not telling yet, but I’ll do my best.

And now, please excuse me while I pop the cyber-champagne :).


  1. Liz says

    Congrats. You seem really excited, so us as fans are excited for you (we get new great books to read). Happy Anniversary to you and your spouse.

    I think it sounds exciting. I enjoy the YA and the little older YA. It must be really great to finally get to have a story that strong on your mind published.

  2. Munchkin says

    Ooooo, Jeaniene gets to stretch her writing muscles, enjoy sharing/creating something new and we get new books, new worlds from Jeaniene.
    Sounds like a win, win !
    congrats on the anniversary and the new contract !!!

  3. Marla says

    I agree with Lisa, I don’t care, just keep writing… Share your gift!! I love your work … it transports us to another world… and makes us wonder about the times when we felt a vibe or had a strange encounter… did we happen to brush up against the paranormal in real life… or what you think is real life… so yes please… keep wtiting!! and spoil yourself too with couch time or whatever is your most comfy break time thing to do.. you deserve it!!!! and Thank you Thank You Thank You!!!!

  4. fan in California says

    I agree with Lisa too — just keep writing!! I, too, love the escape you provide into a completely different world.

    And how can it be that you’ve been married 20 years!! You must have been a child bride!!! Congratulations to you and your husband!! And a very Merry Christmas!!

  5. kuyo says

    hi jeaniene i have vivid dreams that seem much like yours but i just don’t have the mind set to start righting a book but evry time i do right something and its good something happens it gets stolen burned deleated…ect my famly and friends say i could be as good as you but i fall under missfoutune of looseing evry book i right how did you get started what was the point when you said im going to crack downe and wright this book i like to right books and reade them becouse each world i read of and rihjt of is like a real living world that dousent need to die
    manny of my dream simaler to what i read and yourse have a grate effect

    congrats on your 20th ano i love your stories cante wate to read the 7th night huntress book

  6. Karen R. says

    Holy cow, that is awesome news! I love your writing and am so glad my husband gave me the first 2 books of Cat and Bones for Christmas all these years ago! After reading those 2 books, I was forever hooked and you took first place in my favorite author spot. A Night Huntress is my favorite series of all time and I can’t wait to read RealmWorld! Now, if we can only get Cat and Bones on the big screen, they would make the perfect vampire movie…Congratulations, Jeaniene, you deserve it!

  7. Tharesa says

    I am sad that your ending the nhs but cat and bones did have a good run….i can’t wait to read more from you. If you do a book tour out towards california….Sacramento/Fairfield area would be awesome!

  8. Shiran says

    In my opinion there is nothing better than the promise of a new series from my favourite authors, so I’m super excited to hear that, no matter what, I’ll be getting more Jeaniene Frost to read :) Congrats! Looking forward to reading it!

  9. Tharesa says

    So just being a courious kitten….how many more cat/bones(nhs) are going to come out? I have to say they are my number 1 series that I can read over and over again. I have told many friends that they gotta read them.

    • jamie says

      I agree. I’ve read the night huntress series so many times I’ve lost count. I’m sad that the series is coming to a close. I’m so in love with the idea of bones. But seeing as you are my favorite author (there are no books like yours, trust me I’ve looked and I read…A LOT) I look forward to reading your new series :) congratulations!!

  10. Diane says

    Congrats on 20 years and hope you and hubby had a wonderful time. Congrats also on Realmwalker. I’m ever amazed on all that happens in your mind so many stories waiting to come out. I’m now and always a big Bones and Cat fan and will be sad to see it end after a few more books. Any woman that loves Shibas and gets them shaved for the love of her hubby is loving with a lot to give. Best Wishes on all the new goings on.


    P.S. Sorry if I have gotten into sending too many comments. I rather you not start wondering whom to get the restraining order for. 😉

  11. Tara says

    Congrats on a well-deserved deal!!! While I love, love, love my beloved Cat and Bones and all of the characters in the Night Huntress world, it’s clear to me after a relatively new reading career, it’s the author I build a long term relationship with. You are an extraordinary writer with a talent for creating characters we love and identify with, and a world we can escape into.
    I look forward to reading anything and everything you write for a long time to come.
    Sincerely –

    ps: Happy Anniversary! 20-years – sweet……. 😉

    • Morgan says

      Congrats! It would be wonderful if your new series could release the same date as an announcement for a Kat and Bones Movie announcement… just really wanna see it on the big screen because the series deserves it!!!

      • Morgan says

        PS… Nothing against sparkling, but thankfully Cat and Bones are more flame than sparkle! I’m more into fire.

  12. Jenn says

    I love Cat and Bones, and while I will be sad to see them go, I’m also very happy you are going to end their story when they are at the top of their game, and not keep dragging it out. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment, I look forward to your other series.

  13. says

    Wonderful news! Cannot wait to read the series. Your other books are amazing and I am sure that these will be a huge success for you as well! Congrats!

  14. laila says

    One of many reasons I love your books is because they are about adults. I’m sure I will love this new series as well – I simply can’t resist your books – but I am going to miss reading about real adults with life experiences outside of high school or college. All the best // Laila

  15. says

    Thanks , I am positively delighted I’ve create this info. Today bloggers advertise rightful thither inside info and net substance this also is as a matter of fact irritating. A tolerable site with mind-blowing gratification, that’s a few things i need. Appreciation you for making this placement, and that i require be visiting again and also bookmarking it..

  16. Mo says

    Are you not going to include Ian friend of Bones/Spade to find a mate and an individual adventure as well. You have done most of the other characters .

  17. cindy says

    do you have any ideas for other series to wright while you also wright the realwalker series? or do you only do 1 series at a time

  18. Shannon says

    Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings for Cat and Bones. Please have mercy on my soul and give us at least eight books! The thought of this series ending is sending me into a deep depression! Keep writing! You are such a great storyteller!!

  19. Faith says

    Congratulations!! I’m very excited you will be creating a new world for us Jeaniene. I’m sure I’ll love it as I love all of your books and all the wonderful characters that you dream up!

  20. Stephanie says

    I’m looking forward to reading it I loved all of your books so far and I’m sure I will not be disappointed. I won’t lie and say I will miss Cat, Bones, Vlad, and all the other characters.

  21. Megan says

    I do not regularly read YA or New Adult books, they have never really interested me; however, i love your books, your writing style and the amount of emotion in your books so much that I WILL buy this when it comes out. i am completely depressed that Cat and Bones are really gone after the 28th, but perhaps this can be just as good :) *fingers crossed hopefully*

  22. Chellie5513 says

    I love your Night Huntress/World/Prince series. I have reread each book 4 times so far. I will miss reading new stories from that series, but I am looking forward to you telling all of us fans a different type of tale! I did enjoy reading Pack and Night’s Darkest Embrace. I can’t wait to see what story you have to tell in Realmwalker …Of course, I will always wish for more Night World spin-offs! :) … Congratulations on 20 years!!!!


  1. […] Jeanine Frost made the big announcement today that she will be starting a new series called Realmwalker.  This one will be an older YA or New Adult offering (I had never heard the term New Adult before).  According to Jeaniene, the series will focus on a “young woman who discovers she’s the last member of an ancient line with an unwanted destiny; and that her only ally, a mysterious young man is destined to betray her… and doom the world.”  Jeaniene gives a little backstory about the new series, saying that the idea has been brewing for years.  There will be no change in schedule for the Night Huntress and Night Prince books, with Night Huntress ending at book 9 and Night Prince ending at book 3.  There is still the potential for a return to the Night Huntress world, with another vampire stepping up *coughIancough* when the other two stories have completed their arcs.  Looks like a bit of a wait for Realmwalker, though, since it is looking like a 2014 release.  You can see the full announcement on Jeaniene’s site HERE. […]

  2. […] Jeaniene Frost has signed a three-book deal with Harlequin for her “new adult” series, Realmwalker, with the first book to come out in 2014. Here’s the description from Frost’s website: […]

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