Drive-by holiday cheer

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I’m back in town and trying to get caught up on my inbox, among other things. So far I feel like the inbox will defeat me instead of the other way around. Still, my reward for this valiant attempt is finding out that someone had sent me the video below. Check out Cat people vs Dog people.

Please note: Before any cat lovers send me hate mail, I’m a fan of felines, so while I don’t agree that all cats are this aloof (nor are all dogs so goofy), I still thought the video showing guys portray the stereotypes was hilarious:


Link here:


  1. Tiffany says

    A friend sent me this video a week ago and I was laughing so hard while watching it that my husband came into the room and said, “Are you OK?” I think that’s the test of a truly funny video – when your uncontrollable giggles cause others to question your sanity. :O)

    Hope your holidays were wonderful!

  2. Erin says

    Firstly, this video is not only funny but stunningly accurate. Secondly, you must over come the evil that is the email inbox. You can do it. And if not, think of what Bones or Vlad would do – sort of chucking the computer (they would probably have someone deal with it for them…)

  3. fan in California says

    What a hoot!!! Thanks — had quite a life at the accuracy!!

    Happy New Year to everyone — looking forward to the next Vlad book!!!

  4. Oldinjersey says

    I justed shared this on Facebook. Too funny, both my elderly cats throw up in odd places. At least the Shellie works hard finding them before we do.

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