ARRA video and Authors Against Bullying

Hi everyone. If you missed the live video chat I recently had with the Australian Romance Readers Association, you can watch the official recap of it here or click the “play” button below. Thanks again to the lovely ladies at ARRA for having me on their site and for getting the finished video together!

Also, on Friday, October 19th I’ll be participating in the Authors Against Bullying blog hop. What it it? Here’s a description copied from author Mandy Roth’s blog:

“If you’ve been following online media at all chances are you know who Amanda Todd is. She is the Canadian teen who committed suicide because of bullying. She posted a Youtube video that told her story. The comments on the video and the web have managed to both warm my heart and horrify me. Some commenters have made such hateful and vicious remarks about her taking her life that I won’t credit them with repeating them. It’s not just a few, but many disgusting negative things being said. I refuse to believe these people speak for the masses. I have to believe the majority of us don’t think “she deserved it”. And I’m guessing most of us are sickened of the stories we hear about bullying. Many of us have had our lives touched by bullying in some form. It changes you. You can often feel isolated, desperate and lose all hope. That’s a dangerous place to be.

Without hope.

I’m not the only author who feels this way. In fact, a group of us have gathered together to stand united against bullying. We want those who are victims of bullying to know they are not alone and there is hope. On Friday Oct 19th Authors Against Bullying will be posting to our blogs, letting the world know we are not okay with bullying. We ask that you help us spread the word, that you join us on this day, read our posts, hear our stories and comment. Share your stories as well. Open lines of communication to help bring bullying to an end. October is National Bullying Awareness Month and we hope all of you join us in standing up against bullying.”

Here are a list of the other authors participating. If bullying has affected you or someone you know, please help spread the word on this so we can – hopefully – spread the support to those going through it now.


Mandy M. Roth
Yasmine Galenorn
Lauren Dane
Michelle M. Pillow
Kate Douglas
Shawntelle Madison
Leah Braemel
Aaron Crocco
NJ Walters
Jax Garren
Shelli Stevens
Melissa Schroeder
Jaycee Clark
Shawna Thomas
Ella Drake
E.J. Stevens
Ashley Shaw
Jeaniene Frost
Rachel Caine
Kate Rothwell
Jackie Morse Kessler
Jaye Wells
Kate Angell
Melissa Cutler
PT Michelle
Patrice Michelle
Julie Leto
Kaz Mahoney
Cynthia D’Alba
Jesse L. Cairns
TJ Michaels
Jess Haines
Phoebe Conn
Jessa Slade
Kate Davies
Lynne Silver
Taryn Blackthorne
Margaret Daley
Alyssa Day
Aaron Dries
Lisa Whitefern
Rhyannon Byrd
Carly Phillips
Leslie Kelly
Janelle Denison
Graylin Fox
Lee McKenzie
Barbara Winkes
Harmony Evans
Mary Eason
Ann Aguirre
Lucy Monroe
Nikki Duncan
Kerry Schafer


  1. raonaid Luckwell says

    Kudos to you for such a worthy subject! Does make me feel good that a lot of authors are onto this.. and that some had underwent it too. It doesn’t make me feel so alone. As I was a teen subjected to it.

  2. Wendy says

    I watched the clip and when Alice asked about Madagon and the last Cat and Bones series I Have a Theory on what will happen in the last Cat & Bones book.

    Just keep in mind it’s just my theory I could be total wrong. In One Grave at a Time Bones and Cat find out that “Madagon” has a vampire that he is getting blood from but apparently not alot if any infromation from said vampire.

    In Halfway to the grave we know Bones, Spade, Timothy and Ian where all on voyage to the colony and became friends somewhat. We know Ian managed to escape and returned a year later with two other Vampires. We know that Ian sired Bones Mencheres sired Spade I think Vlad was with Mencheres and he sired Timothy. Just a guess on the last but I think that Vlad was the thrid vampire leaving him to sire Timothy And we know Bones and Spade didn’t want to become vampires but Timothy did. We also know Timothy took off to find the theology of what he has become.

    Now keeping that in mind I think Madagon has captured Timothy and he is the blood source that Madagon is using and the last book will be about Cat and Bones finding out and everyone comes together “Bones, Ian, Mencheres, Vlad and their Mates” to find him and free him.

    That’s my theory but like I said I could be wrong.

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