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Wow, it’s been over two weeks since my last post! Here’s what I’ve been up to since then. On the evening of September 7th, I turned in Twice Tempted (Night Prince book two) to my editor. Then I spent the next nine days pretty much glued to my couch in Decompress Mode. Here are some new-to-me shows I really enjoyed, if you haven’t already seen them.


THE FADES. A British supernatural drama with zombie-ish ghosts. Yes, you read that right: zombie-ish ghosts, and I curse BBC for giving this stellar show only one season.


POLITICAL ANIMALS. I’ve been a fan of Sigourney Weaver ever since she uttered that famous line of “Get away from her, you bitch!” In this series, which I hope will get a second season, she’s just as badass but in a different way. What surprised me was that I also loved her thoroughly unlovable husband in this show, and of course, Carla Gugino puts in another strong role as an ambitious reporter who still fights to have a conscience.


FRINGE. This series took me several episodes to get into. It wasn’t until the latter part of season one that I was hooked, but the twist in those latter episodes that tied in previous plot points really took me by surprise. I don’t get surprised a lot, so that was a huge bonus for me. Great characters in this show.


COPPER: A darker drama with overlying social and racial issues set in 1860’s New York. The main character is an Irish policeman, or “copper,” who’s searching for his presumed-dead wife and his daughter’s murderer, all while frequently butting heads with his superiors over the relativity of justice depending on a person’s wealth, skin color, or nationality. Annie, a plucky young girl coming out of truly horrifying circumstances, is another character I’m really rooting for.  Copper airs on BBC America and is newly into the first season.


WHITECHAPEL. This was recommended to me after I bought Copper from Amazon Instant Video. It’s another British show, a cop drama, really, and the first season revolved a modern-day copycat of Jack the Ripper. I really enjoyed Whitechapel, which made me want to scream with frustration when I found out that seasons 2 and 3 are NOT available to American viewers, at least not that I can see. Please no one recommend that I download the episodes online. Since I don’t like it when people violate my copyright with illegal file sharing, I don’t violate others’ copyright. I’ll have to hope seasons 2 and 3 turn up on Netflix, Amazon Instant, or perhaps BBC America one day.


Since my editor is extremely fast, more TV watching is put on hold because I just received my revision letter for Twice Tempted. I’m glad to say that it doesn’t look like a huge revision, more of “Cut here, add there, revise this, trim that” variety. I’ve also seen the cover for TT, though I can’t reveal it yet.  Until then,Paul Marron fans, you’ll be glad to know that he is again sans shirt, this time showing off some back muscles in addition to those impressive pecs. Twice Tempted releases the end of March, only six months away.

After I’m done with revisions on TT, next up is continuing Cat and Bones’s story with Night Huntress book seven, tentatively titled Up From the Grave. I don’t have a release date for that yet, but in the meantime, the mass market paperback edition of The Bite Before Christmas anthology comes out October 30th. So if you didn’t already read my contribution, Home for the Holidays, then you can catch up Cat, Bones, Ian, and the gang in about a month.

Oh, and I now know that I shouldn’t quit my day job writing for a career in dog grooming. When my dog Gypsy’s winter coat started coming in, leaving tufts of strawberry blonde fur all over the house and sending my allergies into overdrive, I decided to shave her. Here are the results (Gypsy will never forgive me for making these public! :))

Gypsy before:










Gypsy after:











Thankfully, I did NOT try to shave Loki so he doesn’t look like he was attacked by Edward Scissorhands:



  1. staci says

    haha wow i was wondering what his name was on the cover. you have such cute dogs! though if you shave the one again i recommend 2 pairs of trimmers a small pair for the legs and a big pair for the body lol. that and a brush lol

  2. Alice A says

    I’m sooo excited for Twice Tempted! My love for Vlad has eclipsed my love for Bones haha. But I wish they’d used a different model for the cover – I like Paul Marron but he’s becoming too mainstream in the world of book covers now! Lothaire, anyone? Too recognisable to me now! :C

  3. PIppa says

    what an exciting update…. glad the Vlad fans are happy, but (the) Team Ian fan(s) is waiting for more news….. oh and Ian really needs a cute Brit chick to annoy him!

  4. Peace says

    BBC America plays Whitechaple in January. Watched the first two seasons that way :) Check out BBC website to get information. Season three starts in January on BBC America.

  5. Jerry Dougherty says

    I love some of the shoes you put up the 5th and safely the final season starts next Friday. I cannot wait for Twice Tempted to come out. My wife is reading the Night Huntress Series now and loves it and she normally does not read supernatural books. Keep up the great work

  6. Leann says

    Cannot wait until TT comes out, but am even more eager for the next Cat and Bones. I loved The Fades and was disappointed as well when it did not get renewed.

  7. Lisa says

    Can’t wait for Twice Tempted to come out. March is sooo long away. And am so glad that you are writing another Cat and Bones book. I found Cat and Bones for the first time in the Anthology “The Bite Before Christmas” and I fell in love with Cat and Bones. I plowed through all 6 of their books in a month. And have been waiting for a new one since. I love all your books.

  8. (Cat)herine says

    I’m really excited about the second Night Prince novel. Also glad to hear that you are working on a new cat & bones novel. I love those characters! Thanks for the Tv recommendations.

  9. says

    Excited about book 2!
    I also discovered Fades a few months ago and watched the whole thing. Loved it, especially because Natalie Dormer was in it (I’m also The Tudors fan). Too bad it was only one season.
    Your dogs are adorable. :)

  10. Brenda Hyde says

    BAHAHAHHAHAHA I showed my daughter the before, explained what you did, then scrolled to the after pic. She’s 12, and was like “Oh, that is TERRIBLE. Why is there fur on her butt and legs but not the rest?” Of course we were both laughing hysterically. We only have cats, so there is no shaving EVER. LOL

  11. Yvonne says

    Just read all of your books in 14 days after getting them recommended-love them! Would love for Ian and Justina to find themsleves in an ancient love spell where they only have eyes for each other and for them to try to fight it. Would make great, funny reading as they are so different….

  12. Patrice says

    Oh my, those dogs love you! Are they Shiba Inu? Very cute. And so do your readers. :) Hooked on Cat and Bones and your spin off series too. TY for hours of reading pleasure! :)

  13. Shelly says

    Such cute babies!!! I came home one day and an unrecognizable figure dashed down the hallway…I roamed that way and found my Persian cat shaved ALL the way down…next day?? SAME thing with the Siamese!! OMG they looked horrific but felt SO much better-they were loving on us and purring a lot!! lol NOW-get down to business!! BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!!! Tell the editor to make it snappy cos we NEED some Frost books!! I have found a new series that I’m enjoying, but I always manage to think about Bones!! I am TERRIBLY upset because when I was into that series..I had just gotten my Kindle and now I HATE my Kindle!! It’s not the same as having that book in your hand, the smell wafting up from the pages, the flipping of the pages in anticipation of seeing what’s next, and just having them on my shelf to plunder through!! The only book I have from you that is in paperback is Vlad’s book and I want the ENTIRE series in my hands!! *Sigh* T hat will take awhile!! LOL Much love to you and can’t wait to see what you have for us!! <3

  14. Eka says

    First of all: Poor Gypsy!! hahaha But I understand the hair everywhere, I have a cat (you can imagine @@).

    Second, I already have Once Burned, but I haven’t read it! Because I’m reading One Grave at a Time, which brings the hole reason of this comment.. I love the cover of One Grave at a Time, The model is gorgeous, i picture Cat like this really, Congrats for that amazing cover. (Hoping the next cover is with the same model – whisper whisper) haha. And Twice Tempted is going to be released on March >–< so unfair, I don't have time to see it =(!

    Congrats for everything you have accomplished! =D


  15. says

    I love love love that you have Shiba Inu’s. My dad has one too, and she’s getting up there in age, and probably won’t be around much longer, to be honest, which is really sad. But, 16 years is a long life for a dog, and she needs to not suffer anymore. As for Twice Tempted, CAN’T WAIT! I have to wait until after Christmas to pre-order it (my mother in law’s rule… we’re not allowed to buy anything for ourselves after Nov. 1), but I so am if I don’t get it for Christmas!!!

  16. Diane says

    At least your dog can decide. I live in Ca. The weather has been up and down so Keiko(my shida) keeps blowing her coat… or starts and then we get a patch of cold and stops. The poor thing has not been able to do a complete blow all year. We pick up tufts of fur all the time.

    I meant to ask. Annette sired Doc…. as in Holiday?

    P.S. As a breed, I was told your not supposed to shave Shibas. One look at Gypsy and I can see why. Let me know if her fur grows back both coats wise, please.

    • Jeaniene says

      Yes, Doc as in Doc Holiday. I love to play with actual historical figures in my book :).

      Re-shaving Gypsy. Yes, both her coat and undercoat grow back all too quickly. I’ve never been advised by my vet not to shave her, so I’m surprised to hear that. Allergy-wise, we have no choice. It’s either shave her periodically or shoot my husband to put him out of his misery

      • Diane says

        I figured it was due to time period, besides I think it’s cool of you.

        Can’t remember if it was a vet or groomer that said not to shave Keiko. She might be happier as we tend to pluck her under coat like a chicken if not brushing her. Your poor hubby is a good sport what with you having two Shibas. I’m sure there must be times he would rather take the bullet. Antihistamines help but he might need to be conscious some of the time.

        Thanks for answering. We give my daughters cat the lion cut as she is apposed to brushing and her hair tends to form dreadlocks. We have nick named the cat the spiky cat glove of doom. She is knocked out for grooming. Maybe apposed to grooming was too gentle a term.

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