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The Australian Readers Romance Association (ARRA) has kindly invited me to participate in a live video “hangout” this Friday night (or Saturday afternoon, if you’re on Aussie time :)). I’ll be chatting with seven participants plus the moderator about books, characters, plots, vampires, other paranormal creatures, and whatever else anyone asks me. If you’re interested in viewing the chat, please go here for the details:


Again, if you’re in the United States, the chat will take place Friday night, September 28th, at 10pm Eastern Standard time. If you’re in Australia, the chat will take place at noon on Saturday, September 29th AEST. Hope to see some of you there!


      • Wendy E says

        I just watched the clip Thanks for posting the link. When Alice asked about how the last book might end I Have a Theory on what will happen in the last Cat & Bones book.

        Just keep in mind it’s just my theory I could be total wrong. In One Grave at a Time Bones and Cat find out that “Madagon” has a vampire that he is getting blood from but apparently not alot if any infromation from said vampire.

        In Halfway to the grave we know Bones, Spade, Timothy and Ian where all on voyage to the colony and became friends somewhat. We know Ian managed to escape and returned a year later with two other Vampires. We know that Ian sired Bones Mencheres sired Spade I think Vlad was with Mencheres and he sired Timothy. Just a guess on the last but I think that Vlad was the thrid vampire leaving him to sire Timothy And we know Bones and Spade didn’t want to become vampires but Timothy did. We also know Timothy took off to find the theology of what he has become.

        Now keeping that in mind I think Madagon has captured Timothy and he is the blood source that Madagon is using and the last book will be about Cat and Bones finding out and everyone comes together “Bones, Ian, Mencheres, Vlad and their Mates” to find him and free him.

        That’s my theory but like I said I could be wrong.

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