Breaking my own rule

As regular blog readers know, I usually don’t re-link reviews to my books. Reason being is that I’m fortunate enough to have lots of reviews on my titles and I don’t want blog readers to feel spammed by constant re-linking (or other bloggers/reviewers to feel slighted if I re-post links from Bloggers A and B but not C and D). However, please indulge me while I break my own rule since Once Burned is the start of a new series and I’m too excited about it to keep these early reviews all to myself :). Don’t worry – this doesn’t signify a new trend. I’ll go back to my usual policy of letting readers find reviews on their own right after this post.

Note: If you’re the type of reader who doesn’t want to learn ANY plot details beyond what’s on a book’s back cover, then don’t click the links. While these reviews are free of any real spoilers, they do reveal more details than Once Burned’s back cover description.

And look for a new contest giving away more Arcs of Once Burned soon!


Review from Amy at Overstuffed Book Shelves:

Review from Jaime at Fresh Fiction:

Review from author Charlaine Harris:

Review from Tynga at Tynga’s Reviews:

Review(ette) from Julie at Yummy Men and Kickass Chicks:

Review(ette) from Mandi at SmexyBooks:

Review(ette) from author Ilona Andrews:


  1. says

    Aww….thanks for the shout out Ms. Frost! I loved Vlad and I can’t wait for the next one to come out! And you are SO evil with that last page!

  2. Jordan R says

    Congrats on all the smashing reviews. I’m sure once the book comes out, all of the rest of us will be gushing too!

  3. helen watson says

    my son started reading the night huntress novels & i got hooked more than he did, cant wait 2 read once burnt when it comes out…1 question.. ur e-books, will they becoming out in regullar books? i hope so as i dont want 2 miss any…… well done on making an auld 45yr old feel young enought 2 enjoy current books……thankyou again.. helen

    • Jeaniene says

      Glad you’re enjoying the books, Helen! Yes, Once Burned will be available in print as well as ebook format. The only time there may NOT be a print edition is with short stories, which are sometimes digital (ebook) only.

    • Jeaniene says

      So glad you liked the book! Thanks for the spoiler-free review, and your comment that Vlad made impaling look like a fun thing to try made me laugh out loud ;).

  4. Bri says

    I have read all your Night Huntress Books plus novella’s plus anthologies too many times to count!!!! I am waiting soooooo patiently for Once Burned! You are an amazing writer with a wicked sense of style! LOVE IT! PLEASE keep them coming as they are an awesome escape for a mother of four teens starting that struggle to stay young! Thanks for all the great reads!!!!

  5. Jen says

    I sooooo love all your books. Vlad is almost my fav! I cannot wait. I check frostbite every week just in case it cones out early. I listen to audiobooks at work and at home. I cant get enough. I may even have them all memorized. I was wondering how long after the release will it be available on audio? I am gonna buy the book. It will be the first I will have in print but I still want it on audio. Also I heard the Huntress series is still going for like 9 books, when is it gonna come out? I want more! What happened with Don and the jerk at the that stole Tate’s job? I think Kats mom would be a funny girlfriend for Ian. They bicker and agree later in the last book. I sooooo cannot wait. Give us more!!!

    • Jeaniene says

      Hi Jen, yes, the audiobook should be available to buy the same day that the paperback releases. Cat and Bones #7 won’t be out until next year. As for Ian and Justina…I don’t see them as a couple. Ian would sleep with her, sure, but then again, he’d sleep with most people ;).

  6. Veronica says

    Hi, Just wanted to say that I LOVE your books. I am from Brasil, and as soon as they come out here I run to buy my copy!
    Now I am looking foward to read Once Burned as soon as they translate it!
    Keep writing these amazing stories!

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