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Arcs have landed for Once Burned! For those of you who don’t know what an Arc is, it’s an Advance Reading Copy of the book that still has some corrections and edits left to be done. My Arcs usually contain enough grammar/spelling errors to make me feel doomb and at least three plot/consistency errors to make me feel even doomber (such as  Scene X starting out with four characters in the room and ending with only three. How I didn’t notice this until after the galleys stage is BEYOND me!).

Anyway, since Arcs are in, over the next month or so you’ll see a few contests for them. One is already up on Goodreads, if you haven’t yet entered. The contest I’m holding now is for bloggers and/or reviewers who’ve previously reviewed one of my books. Not sure if that applies to you? Well, if you’ve written a review about any of my titles and posted it at your blog, e-zine, Goodreads, LiveJournal, or other review site, then you qualify (Sorry, a Twitter, Facebook, or other one-line-type comment doesn’t count). It also doesn’t matter if you liked the book or hated it. Due to deadlines and other time commitments, I’ve had to say “Sorry, I can’t!” to a lot of requests for interviews and guest blogs lately and I feel bad about that. This is my way of saying Thank You to everyone who’s taken the time to review one of my books.

Number of Once Burned Arcs up for grabs: 5.

Rules: (There’s only one so please read it carefully because your entry won’t count if you don’t follow it.)

Leave a comment on this post (if you’re reading this on Goodreads, it’s THIS post on my website: ) with your name (or blog name) and a link to a review that you’ve posted on one of my novels. The review has to be dated PRIOR to today’s date and has to be more than a one or two liner like “Loved it!” “Hated it!” or “Could’ve had a V-8!” Not that I don’t appreciate those as well, but because I only have a few Arcs for this contest, I have to narrow the field.

Contest opens now and will end on Friday, April 6th at midnight. International entries are welcome. The 5 winners will be chosen at random and announced Saturday, April 7th. Again, no link to a review posted prior to today’s date means your entry won’t count.

And if you’ve never reviewed one of my titles and thus don’t qualify for this contest, don’t worry. I’ll have other contests giving away more Once Burned Arcs in the near future.

Good luck, and thanks again!

ETA: If you don’t see your comment right away, give it a few hours. Comments with multiple links are going into my “moderate” folder and I’m approving them throughout the day. Sometimes, though, I’m away from my computer or sleeping through the night, so it may take a little longer to get them up.


  1. Shannon says

    I do not have a blog or post reviews, but I have read all of your books and love Cat and Bones. April 6th is my 41st birthday so that would be an awsome present. I have pre ordered my copy and counting down till the book is released.

  2. says

    Hi, I love your books! I love Cat, who was naive at the beginning and strong, independent soldier later. And Bones, lovely Bones with his english accent and deep love to Cat.
    I’m from the Czech republic. I wrote two reviews of your books, of novels of the Night huntress world. Review of the First drop here and review of the eternal kiss of darkness here (the cover of First drop of crimson was used as a cover of the czech edition of the Eternal kiss, but it works well too :-) ) Now I’m the translator of your books about adventures of Cat and Bones to our beautiful czech language (czech edition of HttG will come up next month) and I can’t wait to read the story of Vlad. He’s so amazing character!

  3. Melissa Anderson says

    Hello Jeaniene,
    I would love to win a copy of Once Burned I love all your books and Novella’s also Cat and Bones are great but I am waiting on pins and needles to read Vlad’s story I’m so Happy your wrote a book about him he is my all time Favorites. I have left reviews for all your books on Amazon and ficfact Thanks Melissa

  4. says

    For some reasons my comment hasn’t been published. oô Let’s hope it works this time. I’m not sure if this counts… I’m right now editing and translating all my reviews, because I was blogging in German last year.. So my most recent Author-Overview post about your books has 20+ comments, whereas the only two still publically viewable reviews have none.. At least not on my blog. I think on Goodreads and they have.

    Anyway, here are the links. I hope they count! Thank you for the great opportunity! I’ve been thinking about bullying or begging people to give me their ARCs. XD Second time this happened to me this year.

    English, un-edited:

    All the best and Good Luck everyone!

  5. says

  6. Bronwyn says

    For the release of One Grave at a Time I was invited to write a review of Eternal Kiss of Darkness about Kira and Mencheres’ relationship on the Reading Between the Wines Book Club. I posted an excerpt on their website and then posted the longer version on my blog:
    It’s kind of long because I’m kind of obsessed, but that is only the greatest compliment I could offer to your work 😉

  7. Melanie Newton says

    Hi Jeaniene,

    I run a vampire site and we are ALWAYS talking about your books. One of my mini reviews is in the first link but my big review appears to have been deleted … It says page not found. I am so sad I can’t find it :( V””V

    Cannot WAIT for Vald’s book!!!!!/photo.php?fbid=194825483875801&set=pu.159799134045103&type=1&theater

  8. Alicia Jespersen says

    I have reviewed many of your books, I am a huge fan of your whole Night Huntress world! And I really look forward to reading Once Burned! Here are a couple links to a few of the reviews I have written for your books.

    (there may be repeats of the same review from my blog to tumblr. I am just showing the different places I have reviewed your books :)

  9. says

    Ooo! Great contest! We’ve reviewed several of your books, since Bones was my first official Book Boyfriend, so here’s a list of a few!

    One Foot In The Grave:

    This Side of the Grave:

    One Grave At A Time:

    Home for the Holidays from Bite Before Christmas:

    *MWUAH* Kisses for Bones & Vlad!!
    <3 DVK

  10. says

    Oh my goodness! Thanks so much for the giveaway, Jeaniene! Err… the Nigh Huntress books were some of the first I ever reviewed, so I’m kind of cringing, but here’s a review One Foot in the Grave

    SO excited for Once Burned! Thanks for the opportunity to review early! xx

  11. Kathy says

    Oh Jeaniene , My girls at goodreads would be SO super Jealous if I got this Arc!! I dont get to enter many of the comps because they are very seldom international, so I’m in for this one.

    I have all the Night Huntress series, and love love love them all!
    Here’s a link to goodreads for my reviews. First is a buddy read .

    This is not all of mt reviews, but dont want to bore you!!

    • says

      I finished rneaidg The Last Bookstore In America by Amy Stewart. I learned about this book from Red Adept’s Book Review. Red gave this book an overall rating of 4 stars. The description caught my interest, considering I love to read stories that include books and bookstores (The Book Thief, The Thirteenth Tale, Bookmarked for Death). I found the story was depressing me; not only because all the bookstores were closing as they were being replaced by the Gizmo , but that it seemed most of the characters were depressed for varies reasons. Maybe it was just me. I found I was becoming more interested as the story went on though, and did want to find out how it would all work out .

  12. says

    I love your series. It’s one of my fave EVAH!!!!
    You ROCK!!!!

    Here are the links to my reviews on your series 😀

    Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress, #1) –

    One Foot in the Grave (Night Huntress, #2) –

    At Grave’s End (Night Huntress, #3) –

    Destined for an Early Grave (Night Huntress #4) –

    This Side of the Grave (Night Huntress, #5) –

    Please pick me! Please pick me! Please pick me! Please pick me! Please pick me!


  13. says

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Thanks for the giveaways, I cross my fingers to win it!!! I have a blog, and posted reviews of your books, but it is in French…Is it still ok?

    Anyway, here is the link: (Halfway To The Grave, where you will see how I LOVE Bones ^^!!) (eternal kiss of darkness) (first drop of crimson)

    Thanks again!! Sab

  14. Gabriella says

    Okay for some reason my previous comments arn’t showing up (to my eyes) so if you can see them please disregard all but one. I can see this comment because I switched web browsers. These are my reviews: (all on goodreads)

    Halfway to the Grave:

    This Side of the Grave:

    One Grave at a Time:

    Eternal Kiss of Darkness:

    Thank you again! And sorry for all the (possible) comments :)

  15. Tarra R. says

    Love your books! It would be better than chocolate eggs at Easter to win an ARC. I was going to send you the link to my goodreads review on “One Foot in the Grave” but I basically said there was no time to review, re-reading chapter 32!

    I love gushing about your books, so here’s one of my reviews:

  16. twiser says

    well damn! I either wasn’t logged in and didn;t put my name or I did it on my nook(and can:t link it) :( Well at least I can get it in June. I;m ganna update my goodreads account and do some writing now.

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