Boonsboro, please stand by

ETA on 2-14-14: I’m not coming! So sorry, all, but my area is still buried under a lot of snow. I will miss seeing everyone in person, but I’m sending signed book plates to Turn The Page so you can still get a signed copy of my books there. Also, my publisher is trying to online-chat me in for the AM Livestream event with authors Nora Roberts, Sylvia Day, Jaci Burton, Stephanie Draven, Pamela Palmer and more. You can tune in at 11:15 a.m. ET Saturday (Feb. 15) at or to listen/watch the chat.


Earlier post about why I’m not able to make the signing:

Like millions of other Americans, my area got whacked by Winter Storm Pax last night. As of writing this post, the snow is up to my knees in places (I know this because my dogs, oddly enough, still want to go outside to do their business!) and my neighborhood has yet to be plowed. This doesn’t surprise me because I live in a little town way up in the NC mountains, where our main roads would be kindly be referred to as “secondary” roads to everyone else, so it’s questionable if the plows will get to my neighborhood today at all.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Because of the snow dumped on us last night – and it’s still snowing now – I don’t know if I’ll be able to make the Boonsboro, MD signing at Turn The Page on Saturday morning. I’m hours from the closest airport (not kidding when I say I live way up there in the mountains!) and as of now, I’m snowed into my neighborhood. I’m crossing my fingers that the weather clears enough for the plows to clear out both my neighborhood and the roads leading to the signing or the airport. To make the signing Saturday morning, I’d have to fly out or drive out tomorrow by noon. I have a rental car and a plane ticket standing by, but I’m in wait-and-see mode right now.

I’ll update this post today/tomorrow to let you know what’s going on. In the meantime, wherever you are, stay safe! It doesn’t look like Winter Storm Pax is done with us yet :( .


  1. Shirleyjo says

    I was afraid of this. :( I thought about you in those NC mountains and wondered if you would attempt it or not. It’s snowing today and tonight in the Boonsboro area, but I haven’t heard any news from Turn the Page. Oh Jeaniene, I have to have my Up from the Grave signed!

  2. Janette says

    Darn, I know how the NC mountains can be. Lived in between Boone and Blowing rock and was snowed in for a week. I do hope you make it as I am looking forward to meeting you. Good Luck.

  3. Jenna K says

    I am really excited about meeting you. However, I would much rather you stay safe. Just please be careful if you do try to make it.

  4. Jen B says

    I had to decide no to go to the signing :-( too much snow in that area and still more to come, with temperatures dropping at night I just don’t want to risk the two hour drive. But I will see you in May at the RT Convention so I’m trying not to be too disappointed!! Stay safe and if you do travel, have a safe journey!

  5. Jessica says

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll make it, but it’s most important that you stay safe. Plus, if you cannot make it to Boonsboro you’ll have more time to finish you’re next novel!!

  6. Lora says

    I’m sorry I’ll miss you too. A group of us planned to come from PA to meet you but it’s just not worth a 4 hour round trip on unfamiliar roads in iffy weather . Hope to meet you at another evert. Stay safe!

  7. Shelly says


    I was one of the ones that made it. We missed you terribly but completely understand the weather issues!!! They ended up with about 175 or so people that came. It was great to see the other authors, but the empty chair that you would have filled was lonely!!!!!! Not sure if you will be touring again anytime soon but would love to see you and selfishly :), have you sign the final book in the Cat and Bones series…..I even wore my t-shirt with “Life’s a Bitch and then one stabs you” quote :).

    Glad you are safe…..


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