It’s all Ilona’s fault

It’s no secret that I like to spend my downtime watching TV. After a day melting my brain at the keyboard, kicking back on the couch with the hubby and the furry children is my idea of a nice evening.  I also prefer TV series to movies, probably because I prefer reading/writing series books instead of stand-alone novels and movies kind of remind me of stand-alone novels (unless the movies are part of a series, of course).  Anyway, my friends and I chat about TV shows and swap recommendations much as we do with books. For months, Ilona Andrews has tried to get me to watch the show Castle. Since I don’t have endless hours to bum around on the couch, I hadn’t gotten to it yet, but earlier this week, I finally did.

Because I loved the TV show Firefly, I’m already a fan of Nathan Fillion. He plays the role of Richard Castle, a wildly successful mystery author who’s pulled into a murder investigation after people are killed in the same manner that his books portray. Stana Katic plays Kate Beckett, the tough female detective who doesn’t want a writer mucking up her murder investigation. I wasn’t wild about the first episode – Castle was over-the-top egocentric (like signing fans’ boobs instead of books) and Beckett was over-the-top I am tough and sexy but inwardly vulnerable! – but after the third episode, I was hooked. Their banter is hilarious and I like the cozy mystery aspect of the show. Plus, when the show gets something right about publishing, it makes this writer laugh out loud.

As mentioned, Castle is a charming, rich egomaniac who is so high up the Publishing Totem Pole that he plays a weekly poker game with Stephen J. CannellJames PattersonDennis Lehane, and Michael Connelly. Yet in one episode, he’s hanging around Beckett’s desk watching her do paperwork because he wants to hide on his release day. Most everything portrayed on this show is not how “real writers” live (I have never been asked to sign boobs! ;)) but this was so reminiscent of what I feel on every release day that I howled laughing. So was the scene later in this episode where Castle’s mother calls to worriedly tell him that she was in a book store and no one was buying his new book. I don’t know about other authors, but this has happened to me and it went something like this:

Mom:  It’s your release day so your father and I made a special trip to the book store! Oh, honey, they had your books but no one was buying them. Don’t worry, though – I had your father buy ten.

Me: *headdesk* Mom, why did you do that? I can give you some books for free.

Mom: We wanted to help with your sales. Do you think we bought enough?

Me: *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk*

Mom: *in the background* Bill, go back to the store tomorrow and buy another five books!  Jeaniene sounds like she needs more help!


My husband, however, is not enchanted with the show. He says it’s a little too fluffy for him. Maybe I’m in the mood for fluffy because I’m watching it every night after I finish my word count, and if he complains, I have an easy response: Blame Ilona. It is, after all, entirely her fault :).


  1. Katelin says

    I love Castle. It’s one of my favorite shows. It has tons of literary references. There are more serious cases to come and it’s just plain wonderful. I had to persuade my friend to watch it and now we have marathons because I own all the seasons.

  2. Matina says

    If you are a Firefly fan keep your eyes and ears open for references in Castle. It does it quite often. It’s a great show and I hope you enjoy it!

  3. June says

    You can watch Castle with my husband (he who keeps adding an “S” to the title) and I’ll watch something less ‘fluffy’ with your husband! I never liked Firefly and I don’t care for Nathan Filion at all…just my taste though :)

    I usually watch Monday Night Football – the hubby and I have a somewhat backwards marriage when it comes to TV lol.

  4. Hayley says

    I haven’t yet watched Castle, I don’t really watch TV that much (I read). But I have a yen to watch it and after reading this think I will get the DVD’s.

    On another note, should you wish to Jeaniene, you can sign my boobs if you really really want 😉 You’ll only have to come to New Zealand to do it! LOL

  5. L.J. Kentowski says

    I love Castle! I was watching it the last few seasons and my hubby wanted nothing to do with it. Until recently he’s been home a lot and he’s hooked on the daily marathons :)

  6. says

    Ms. Frost… Just so that you don’t feel left out: “Would you sign my boobs?” 😀

    My husband watches Castle and loves it. I am a huge fan of Firefly, but have just lost the mojo to watch TV, lately, so haven’t watched it with him.

  7. agatha asiimwe says

    oh my….lol.your mom is amazing!hahahahhaha…i have a dream that i could get a novel(or 25) out there someday and your story about release day has freaked me out!!lol
    i love castle,it’s a fun should keep going it get’s better! Enjoy!

  8. Catherine says

    I have to admit that Castle is a little too fluffy for me. I prefer Covert Affairs ad Necessary Roughness which have a nice blend of strong female characters, hunky guys and romance.

  9. Amanda says

    That is one of those shows I know I should watch but just never got around to it. Whether he was playing Joey on One Life to Live or a women hating priest on Buffy I have always liked Nathan Fillion. I just fill like to many seasons have past for me to start watching

  10. Bunnigirl74 says

    And Castle has a blog, and there are novels and graphic novels out on it. I love Castle it’s forever cracking me up.

  11. Margaret says

    Now see you’ve gone and done it. I haven’t watched this show cause I have gotten SO SICK of Crime shows. I mean really, DNA on the spot? CSI people going to do arrests and interviews? There are just too many discrepancies and I got tired of the fake drama. So I watch food network, TLC, History etc. But now I may have to check this out and my Hubby will laugh at me cause I boo him as he watches every show there is in that deals with solving crimes. This will just make his week LOL.

    • Melissa says

      I LOVE Castle!!! Nathan Fillion is the best. And you should DEFINITELY checkout Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Nathn Fillion & Neil Patrick Harris? Yes please! TOOOO Funny.

  12. Jordan says

    I love Castle as well – and I will freely admit I started watching it just because of my deep and abiding love for Firefly! I know the show is fluff, but the banter and Castle’s relationships with his family totally make the show! And it soothes my inner geek with all the dorky things he does. I know everyone else has probably commented something along these lines, but if I ever get to come to a signing or reading, don’t be alarmed by how many of us will now ask you to sign various body parts! Ha!

  13. wildchild194 says

    I absolutely love Castle. I’ve been watching since the beginning and I own the first four Seasons of DVD. Season five is great but I won’t spoiler it for you by telling you why.! It is a great little way to spend an hour since football is only on for a few months and I can tape it and watch later (football that is, not Castle).

  14. says

    I used to watch a lot. I like all the characters. Now that Castle and Beckett have hooked up, it just seems like its awkward most of the time now. I wish they could reconcile a partnership with benefits without all the conflicted crap.

  15. Fan in California says

    I love how they finish each other’s sentences — they are more connected than they want to acknowledge. (Side comment — I can’t catch the new episodes; I watch the older episodes on TNT so they’re not quite together yet . . . .) Nice chemistry between the two of them and interesting stories without being too graphic!!

  16. Moona says

    Oh yes! Castle is one of my favorite shows. I watch it every night and he never fails to make me laugh. I also enjoy the show the Mentalist. It’s similar but started before Castle and is (sorry 😉 even awesomer.

  17. Linda W. says

    I’ve watched Castle since the beginning but I have to record it to watch later since it’s on at the same time as Hawaii 5-0 and I love both shows. I also read the Nikki Heat books written by Richard Castle. I think it’s hilarious that Nathan Fillion goes to book signings and autographs books as Richard Castle. And they get to use the actual books as props on the show.

  18. says

    I’ve wanted to watch Castle since it started, but I haven’t had cable in years. So, I haven’t been able to watch it. :( I love Nathan Fillion, I own both Firefly and Serenity, and he is just hilarious!!! As for great murder/mystery shows, have you ever watched Bones? I can’t get enough of it!

  19. says

    I do love that show but have missed a few episodes here and there. What is especially clever is they have now published castle’s books as a tie-in. Now that’s marketing!

  20. Merlin Marshall says

    This year Castle did an episode called “The Final Frontier”, about a murder at a sci-fi convention. This episode was directed by Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: The Next Generation) and is chock full of Firefly and other Sci-fi show references. That was the first episode my guy and I watched. He said it was too silly. And then he started watching it on TNT. We’ve been catching all the previous episodes since then. Check out Stana Katic as a French vampire named Simone Renoir in the third “The Librarian” series, “The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice”. She is still kick-ass, but it is a softer, flirtier role.


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